Health care in summer time

1, lessen your clothes when it gets hotter
Between the spring and summer, as the outside temperature gradually raises, the blood vessels get more relaxed and blood circulation accelerates.The cerebral cortex excitability increase in order to adapt to the body heat. So during this time, you should note to appropriately lessen your clothes.

2, Avoid drinking much cool and refreshing drinks
Although the weather gets hotter at this time, though the weather gradually heat up, it has not yet entered the high temperature period, therefore it is no good drinking cool and refreshing drinks as they can damage your Qi. According to nutrition experts, the water intake each day should reach 2000-2400 ml as the weather is very dry. As the blood concentration is very high in the morning and it is easy to cause blood clots, so the first thing you should do after waking up is to drink a glass of water. It is also important to complement and maintain moisture of the day as it can clean the intestinal tract and prevent excessive heat from invading the body. It is unfavorable to replace the water with beverages such as soda, fruit juice, coke which contain much saccharin and electrolyte as they can produce undesirable stimulation to the stomach, affecting digestion and appetite.

3, eat more food which contain high protein
The food you take should be light and with high protein. Fish, lean meat, bean products, milk products, green leaf vegetables, bitterguard, lettuce are all good choices as they can eliminate excessive heat in the body and supplement various nutrients to your body.

4, exercise more
Exercise can give full play to the functions of spleen. However, experts of traditional Chinese medicine does not advocate strenuous running and jumping as overexercise is adverse to the human body and growth.While doing movement, attention should be paid to weather changes. Add or lessen clothes in time to avoid too much sweat or cold invasion. Note to supplement water every one or half an hour in case of much water loss. The way of exercise vary from person to person. Go for fast walking and jogging can benefit you a lot if you stick to it.

5, take a nap at noon
Noon nap, can reduce the consumption of your body and restore your cerebral cortex from a state of fatigue. Physical exercise should avoid the point-blank of midday sun. Pay attention to reduce the amount of exercise and sweat to prevent overfatigue. Wear sunscreen and sun hat and take other protective measures against uv rays.

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